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     Our philosophy for estimating at Elk Electric is simple; to provide a complete and thorough estimate based upon the best information available.  What this means to the customer or general contractor is a complete electrical price.  If it's a Division 16 or 17 item we strive to always have it included in our bid proposal.  From excavation for site electrical items, to transformer and generator pads, to fire alarm and other low voltage specialties; if it's the responsibility of the electrical contractor it will be included in our pricing.

     This method of estimating has worked well for us through the years.  It allows contractors who are familiar with our work to have a high level of confidence that the price they receive on bid day is for a full electrical scope; that there won't be any unpleasant surprises when they compare our electrical scope with the project's electrical scope.  It also allows us to be more flexible on bid day.  If general contractor A wants to provide the pole bases and general contractor B wants to perform all site excavation it is easier for us to pull these items out of our proposal than it is to try to estimate and add these items in at the last second.  We know how crazy it is on bid day trying to pull all the sub bids together so we want you to feel that when you receive a competitive price from Elk Electric you can enter that price in your spreadseet with confidence that it covers a complete electrical scope.

     We utilize the 'items takeoff' method of estimating.  What this means is that we count every electrical item and measure every conduit and wire run and apply labor units and material costs to each electrical item counted.  While we utilize computers in this process as much as possible there's no substitute for having an experienced electrical estimator reviewing the blueprints and selecting the correct electrical materials and methods based upon building construction type.

     The estimating department also handles all change orders of any size.  We do not use R.S. Means or similar values to estimate change orders, we use the same labor units and material values that we utilize when estimating a competitive bid project.  We feel this provides the owner and contractor with a fair and accurate pricing structure that reflects the true costs of any proposed change.  The bottom line is that we want to do more projects with this owner, architect and contractor in the future, so if you feel that we've been fair regarding change order pricing we hope that it will translate into future opportunities for Elk Electric to work with your firm.

     Over the years we have worked on several design / build projects with various owners, architects, and GCs.  Please find below a list of services we offer in electrical design / build:
  • Providing preliminary budgetary pricing based upon electrical design concept.
  • Meeting with owners and tenants to determine their electrical requirements.
  • Working with electrical authorities and local utilities to assess their specific design criteria and local code requirements.
  • Drafting preliminary electrical drawings for review and comment using AutoCAD.
  • Coordinating meetings between the owner and electrical sub-trade professionals (lighting reps, apparatus engineers, life safety designers, etc.) to determine the specific details of the project.
  • Drafting 'bid set' electrical drawings for pricing.
  • Providing 'for construction' electrical drawings with Professional Engineer stamp.
  • Giving the owner or GC a firm bid electrical price and performing all required electrical contracting work.
  • Handling changes and drawing revisions and related changes to project scope.

Thank you for taking the time to review this material regarding estimating.  If you have any questions, or you have a project you would like electrical pricing on, please feel free to contact our lead estimator Jim Lilly at (304) 692-1203 or by email at:  jim@elkllc.com .

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