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     If you are experienced in the building construction trades we're sure you realize the importance of selecting the right electrical contractor for your projects.  The electricians are usually among the first ones in (under slab rough ins, underground electrical utilities) and the last ones out (device trim outs after the painter is done).  So your choice of electrical contractor not only effects your initial bottom line, but will ultimately effect project schedule and final project profits, either positively or negatively.

     We feel one of our major strengths here at Elk Electric is our wealth of experience in the electrical contracting field.  There's just no substitute for having the knowledge that comes with facing on a daily basis the obstacles inherent on any construction project.  Our electrical management team of project managers, operations, and estimating each have over 20+ years of experience in the electrical construction industry.  In the list below we would like to elaborate on some of the points we have learned through the years that lead to successful construction projects.

  • Adequate man-power:  Adequately manning a job will effect a project's success more than any other factor.  Upon receiving a project award the estimator will meet with the project manager to discuss project details and man-power requirements.  We also like to have a pre-construction meeting with the general contractor, as the GC often times has experience with similar projects and their man-power needs.
  • Communication and cooperation:  It has been our experience that our best projects are also the projects with open communications and cooperation between trades.  A smooth communications process benefits all trades involved.
  • Paper work:  Adequate documentation and the timely turn-around of required paper work is a certain requirement to keep a project moving forward and on track.  From the opening submittals to RFIs, change orders, pay app AIAs, and close out documentation; getting the paper turned around is a high priority at Elk Electric.
  • Proper scheduling:  As project construction times get more and more compressed the need for proper scheduling becomes ever more important.  Long lead time items are discussed with the GC at the outset of the project.  We stay in touch with our suppliers to monitor the status of deliveries to head off problems before they become critical.
  • Solid work force:  Elk Electric strives to have a well trained and contented work force in the field, because these are the people that ultimately determine a project's success.  We provide competitive salaries and financial incentives to our employees, training on new technologies and methods, and fostering a sense of teamwork between management and field personnel.
  • Safety:  We are extremely proud of the safety record we have accumulated through the years we have been involved in electrical construction management.  Elk Electric provides its employees with OSHA required training, tool box safety talks, and assistance in job site safety record keeping.  Job site safety is paramount in all we do for multiple reasons, the most important being the well being and health of our employees.  

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